Brotherhood of Spite Heavy Support 2

So following on from my last post here is my second heavy support choice for the Brotherhood Chaos spawn these are the standard GW plastic kits which are great fun and heavy plenty of options (plus plenty of left overs for the bitz box). Painting is pretty simple flesh, black and white in keeping with the rest of the army.



Brotherhood of Spite Heavy Support 1

Like a lot of the armies in this project my Brotherhood of Spite army has been a stop start project stretching over a couple of years (one of the reasons I started this blog was to try and force me to finish stuff) as a result I have some miniatures that are finished, some half finished and some nothing more than un-glued metal and plastic.

In the case of this army I painted all the fun heavy support first so I’ll share that today. One of the things I wanted with this army was a different take on the chaos army theme less traitor guardsmen and spiky Leman Russ tanks and more gribbly beasts and mutants.

So first up a Giant Spined Chaos Beast the original model from forge World can be seen here (Chaos beast) and the rules I have in found in one of the 4th edition imperial armour books. My version is actually  from Mierce Miniatures and can be seen here (Tarask). I’ve changed the triceratops like bony plate on the front of the model with a single bighorn and painted it in Malal colours of white and black. I realise I should have added a normal man sized miniature to the photos for scale but this is a big model its on a 120mm circler base. More heavy support in the form of chaos spawn up next


Brotherhood of Spite First Cultist Squad

So here is my first cultist squad for my new army. They are converted from GW Warhammer fantasy battle flagellants (a great set with lots of use) with green stuff hoods and weapons sourced from my bits box. I’ll be using the Lost and the Damned list from 3rd edition 40K black crusade supplement so these guys will count as traitors and be lead by a space marine chaos champion.


Kegreon III and the Brotherhood of Spite

The Kegreon  solar system  is the second solar system of the Diablo sub-sector and contains a number of habitable plants. When Kegreon III was discovered by Imperial forces, during the Emperor’s great crusade, is was found to be inhabited by humans using a level of technology similar to medieval ancient Terra.

The elites of this society had regressed into the worship of the chaos gods. In the southern savannah the Pleasure Lords lived in Ivory palace-cities which echoed with the sounds of pain and pleasure. The equatorial jungles and swamps where home to the Plague Princes who’s shambling diseased armies would march out of the jungles to bring the Plague gods gifts to the rest of the planet. In the north the savage and barbaric Blood Jarls  fought for the glory of the Blood God. To the east the Sorcerer Kings lived in floating silver towers exploring the mysteries of the warp. Other Warlords chose to worship chaos in all it’s glory.

There was one other group of Chaos worshipers on Kegreon III. Small in number and secretive they named themselves the Brotherhood of Spite and worshiped the exiled god Malal or Malice. Malice was once the most powerful of Chaos gods until the others turned on him and trapped him in a pocket dimension of the warp. From that day on Malice and his followers became the worst enemy of the Chaos gods . From their hidden temple on an island in the inner sea. The Brotherhood sent assassins and small groups of warriors to harass and attack the other followers of Chaos constantly eroding their power.

The arrival of the great crusade changed everything. Imperial forces wasted no time in cleansing the planet. Within in a month the Blood Angels and Iron Hands had pacified the planet. The ruling elite were purged but the majority of the population were set to work extracting the vast mineral wealth of the planet. The Brotherhood took the arrival of Imperial forces as a chance to topple their enemies (the enemy of my enemy is my friend) and sent agents to assist the imperial crusaders. With the imperial victory the brotherhood leaders realised they had swapped one oppressor for another. The Brotherhood was not strong enough to defeat the Emperors forces and claim Kegreon III for Malal so they decided to play the long game sealing their hidden temple the Brotherhoods agents infiltrated the new imperial society of Kegreon III and started planning for the day they would seize the plant for Malal.

Under imperial control the planet of Kegreon III  soon came to have a very stratified society. At the bottom of the ladder were the mutant slaves these where the planets original inhabitants that had been touched by chaos given a chance to atone for their sins by doing the most menial and dangerous jobs in the mines and factorums. Next where the low class freemen made up of the untainted original inhabitants, they to, had a life of grind and  drudge to look forward to doing the more technical menial work. Both these groups lived in squalor with a high mortality rates, poor living conditions and borderline starvation. The freemen classes had it better than the mutant slaves but not by much.

The middle classes where formed by the descendants of the original Solar Auxilla  garrison. They continued to form the plants PDF as well as the factorum overseers and merchants classes living in hab areas that are clean and well maintained by mutant slaves. The upper classes including the planets governor  where the descendants of the Solar Auxilla garrison officer cadre and ran the planet at it’s highest levels.

The Imperial administration of Kegreon III merciless exploited the natural resources of the planet until by the time of the Diablo Crusade the planets surface was a mildly toxic wasteland full of discarded junk and industrial spoil meanwhile most of the planets population had slowly retreated into twelve giant industrial hive cities.

For centuries the brotherhood hid in the shadows waiting for a sign from Malice. That sign arrived in the birth of a child with one milky white eye and one gloss black eye the child was called Abiy’el.

Abiy’el was raised by the cultists of the brotherhood to believe he was Malice’s chosen champion. When he came of age Abiy’el became the undisputed leader of the Brotherhood and Malice’s mortal voice on Kegreon. His adventures over the following years could fill many tomes from traveling the planet’s hive cities disguised as a slave to wandering the toxic wastes bring the words of Malal to mutants and run away slaves known as the Lost Abiy’el spread the power of the Brotherhood. His greatest achievement was discovering the ancient Temple of the original Brotherhood (no longer and island in the sea but buried under the great dust desert) and unearthing the ancient war machines and beasts of Malal held in stasis in the temples catacombs.

Eventually Malice came to Abiy’el and told him it was time to claim the planet in his name with the mortal followers of an entire planet to boost his powers Malal could free himself from his prison and finally seek his revenge on the other powers of Chaos. Abiy’el was told he had one year to prepare the Brotherhood of Spite for war and he would receive a sign when it was time to raise in rebellion against the imperial oppressors of Kegreon III.

A year later a Space marine battle barge and escorting strike cruisers appeared in orbit above Kegreon III hailing the planet with imperial recognition signals even as their guns opened fire on the planet and their drop pods blazed through the planets atmosphere the Sons of Malice had arrived.

The Brotherhood of Spite rose up in rebellion. In every hive the mutant slaves and  lower classes revealed their true allegiance armed  with stolen and homemade weapons they overwhelmed the planets PDF through surprise and sheer numbers. Outside the hives armies of non-hive dwellers backed by beasts of chaos and chaotic war machines assaulted the hive walls within a week eleven of the twelve hive cities of Kegreon III had fallen to the forces of Malice. Only Primus Hive bravely defended by the planet’s Governor and the Ordo Hereticus inquisitor  Solomon Grund.

Sadly For Abiy’el he wasn’t able to enjoy the success of his forces or the triumph of his god. Upon his first meeting with his allies, the renegade space marines of the Sons of Malice chapter, he was brutally slaughtered by the space marines leader the Daemon prince Kaleb. Kaleb then took control of the Brotherhood of spite.

When the Diablo Crusade arrived in the Kegreon system they amazingly found that Primus Hive was still holding out battered and on the point of collapse surrounded by hundreds of thousands of Malice worshippers the crusade leaders immediately set about attempting to relieve primus hive.

Ok so that is the (slightly long winded) background to my next project  a Lost and the Damned army dedicated to Malal. For those not in the know you can read more about Malal here  and below is a taster picture of what’s to hopefully come.



Building a Battlefield 13

Right two more tiles finished so only five tiles left to complete the board. I scored a sweet deal on a big load of MDF ruins on ebay that would have cost me a lot more than the £30 post free that I got them for if I bought them retail. When they arrive in the post I’ll have enough to push on and complete my city board. For now though I have two more tiles to share.

First up a ruined gothic building from TTcombat that I’ve imagined as a ruin of some sort of government administration building. I built the building as standard and added some rubble ramps. I had some walls also from TTcombat which I used to give a compound feel and then added a load of rubble using my paint/PVA/grit mix.

WP_20170308_20_13_02_Rich_LI 1.jpgWP_20170308_20_13_59_Rich_LI.jpgWP_20170308_20_14_41_Rich_LI.jpgWP_20170308_20_14_12_Rich_LI.jpg


Next up is an imperial shrine made from a TTcombat Imperial outpost building. I added one of those cool GW space marine statues that I got cheap of ebay and some planters made from dolls house pieces with various model foliage. The Icon wall was from TTcombat with some plastic GW bits and the two benches were from Blotz. a sprinkling of rubble and it was done.





Building a Battlefield 12

So progress has resumed on my city fight gaming board. I have completed another road tile, created some rubble pile barricades and have been going back to some of my old tiles to add more detailing (make shift ladders, street furniture, air ducts and so on)

So here is my latest street tile same as all the rest really other than the adding of a ruined bus shelter provided by a company called Blotz




Also from Blotz I bought some street benches and ladders here is one of the benches


Here are the rubble barricades built from polystyrene, scrap balsa and various items from my bits box  on 6″wide MDF bases which fit nicely in between the roads.



Task Force Retribution – Pictures

So as promised a few photos of my 1000pts Dark Angels army to fight across my city fight board. All these figures were bought second hand and some were already painted the first time I painted this army I was experimenting with Army Painter dip … to be honest it didn’t go to well. As a result they got chucked in a box and buried in the lead pile. When I decided to re-vamp them I took off their old bases and gave them new ones with I built up with cork and course grit to look suitably city fight. Painting wise I added highlights and touched up some of the base coats. The result is not the best painted army you’ll every see but is, in my opinion, serviceable enough for the table top.