40K is a Changing

Anyone who takes even some slight interest in this blog will know that I haven’t progressed beyond 4th edition 40K its not quite Oldhammer but I’m pretty out of the loop on the newer editions. So it was with a bit of interest I’ve been following (mostly through various threads on TMP) the info coming out about 8th edition whose release seems imminent

A lot of people seem pretty excited and I have to admit some things about the new edition appeal Free PDF of the rules and minimal codex books (I think the talk is three covering all armies) certainly appeal (constant updating of Codex books is one of the reasons I gave up upgrading and stuck with 4th in the first place. I’ve decided to get a free copy of the rules (when its available) and give them a spin to see if I like them.

At the moment based on info being released I think the shooting rules look OK armour modifiers instead of AP works and no templates will probably be easier if a little less atmospheric. Movement has become a little more random and varied which again doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Close combat looks a mess and the morale rules look horribly over simplified for my liking. Of course until I’ve rolled dice in anger and tried them in a game it hard to make a firm judgement.

One thing that makes me a little sad is a few things that make Warhammer quintessentially “Warhammer” for me are going stat lines seem to have become even less relevant and the charts (to hit, to wound) have pretty much disappeared. Not a big deal for most people but something I’ve grown up with since Warhammer fantasy battle 2nd edition and feel very comfortable with.

The new fluff I’m not digging overly (which was the main turn off of Age of Sigmar for me) I mean its not quite an Age of Sigmar reboot stuff but I rather the Primarchs stayed dead, Cadia still existed, the Eldar don’t team up and we don’t get extra giant warp rifts on top of the eye of terror, but fluff is easy to ignore change if I don’t like it if the majority of 40K cannon isn’t changing to much.

I think I’m best described as interested but sceptical about the new rules I want to try them and give them a chance but I think they might have to be pretty special to make me give up using 4th edition for my games of 40K.


State of Play

The blog has gone a bit quiet recently so I thought I’d add a quick up date, one of those real life is getting in the way ones.

Spring has arrived and as I’d promised the good lady wife I got stuck into the garden removing the old “death trap” decking and laying some nice paving slabs and gravel adding new plants the works. Which has pretty much eaten up the spare time recently. Top that with the old desk top deciding to go blue screen of death (all replaced with nice spanking new now which I’m typing this on right now)  has rather curtailed both hobby and blog time (not that I’m exactly prolific at the best of times).

My city board project took a bit of a blow after my bargain MDF haul (the one I got for much less than half the £70.00 retail price and free posting) never arrived in the post the vendor seemed rather to quick to refund my money almost like he didn’t expect it to turn up….mmmmm. So I’m still searching for a few more budget MDF ruins to finish the project off.

I decided to have a big clear out of my wargames room to. Its not the biggest space and I have way to many unfinished projects, unused games and rulebooks that will never be played so I have a guy coming out to look over my unwanted collection and hopefully take it off my hands for some cold hard cash that can go towards giving my wargames room a face lift later in the year and fund the projects I really want to do.

I have managed to paint 20 mutants for my Brotherhood of Spite army (pictures soon I hope) and on top of that I’ve been trying out a few test conversions/paint jobs for more army ideas I have running around in my head. I always like to post a picture or two with every post so here are a couple of shots of some test Sisters of Battle converted from Dreamforge miniatures with different heads and GW bolters I’m liking the way they’ve turned out so expect more of them at some stage this year.

WP_20170503_16_21_41_ProWP_20170503_16_21_47_ProWP_20170503_16_22_18_Pro (2)

Brotherhood of Spite Elites 1

another unit for my Brotherhood army this time big mutants. The rulers of  Kegreon III imported large numbers of Ogryns to supplement their mutant slave workforce the Ogryns size and strength made them ideally suited to the heavy but simple work they were employed for. When the rebellion broke many of the Ogryns side with their “little brothers” among the mutant slaves. It didn’t take long for the effects of Chaos to be felt among the Ogryn rebels creating what imperial soldiers termed ” Big FRAKING mutants”.

The Brotherhood used the big mutants as elite shock troops armed with crude close combat weapons their toughness, strength and shear stupidity allowed them to overwhelm many any imperial strong point. This is one such group lead by their “Big” boss Nark who is well on his way into becoming a full fledged chaos spawn.

WP_20170322_19_56_17_ProWP_20170322_19_56_59_ProWP_20160502_14_04_07_ProWP_20160502_14_03_47_ProWP_20160502_14_03_18_ProWP_20160502_14_03_37_ProWP_20160502_14_03_10_ProWP_20160502_14_02_57_ProThe miniatures themselves are plastic WFB ogres with mostly spare chaos spawn bits and a few extras from my bits box. Nark the boss is one of the mutants I had left over from the warshrine kit I used on my defiler with some extra chaos spawn bits and an ogre sword.

Brotherhood of Spite Heavy Support 3

So for the last heavy support choice for the Brotherhood I wanted some fire power but I didn’t really want to go down the captured imperial vehicle route. The army list allows for a Defiler but I was never crazy keen on the models. I had a crazy idea when I saw the WFB chaos war shrine model,  which I really liked the idea of having in my army but I couldn’t see a good proxy fit for in the army list, and decided to combine the War shrine and Defiler models together.

I loved the idea of the brotherhood cultists having a mobile daemonic shrine to Malal marching alongside them to war. In game terms it just counts as a Defiler and from a practical point of view gives the army some long ranged hitting power. Anyway this what I ended up with was this…



Brotherhood of Spite First Cultist Squad

So here is my first cultist squad for my new army. They are converted from GW Warhammer fantasy battle flagellants (a great set with lots of use) with green stuff hoods and weapons sourced from my bits box. I’ll be using the Lost and the Damned list from 3rd edition 40K black crusade supplement so these guys will count as traitors and be lead by a space marine chaos champion.


Building a Battlefield 12

So progress has resumed on my city fight gaming board. I have completed another road tile, created some rubble pile barricades and have been going back to some of my old tiles to add more detailing (make shift ladders, street furniture, air ducts and so on)

So here is my latest street tile same as all the rest really other than the adding of a ruined bus shelter provided by a company called Blotz




Also from Blotz I bought some street benches and ladders here is one of the benches


Here are the rubble barricades built from polystyrene, scrap balsa and various items from my bits box  on 6″wide MDF bases which fit nicely in between the roads.



Building a Battlefield 10

OK things have slowed down a bit in the last couple of weeks but I have finished another tile for my city fight board. Another ruined building maybe some sort of office block. This is another laser cut MDF building this time bought of eBay. I added some large buttresses from polystyrene to the building front to make the building look a bit more imposing.



wp_20170123_19_55_18_pro wp_20170123_19_55_29_pro