Building a Battlefield 2

So I’ve been doing some more practice with my new MDF scenery while waiting for more goodies to turn up in the post that will really kick start this ruined city project off. I picked a number of barriers that were spread over a couple of the different TT combat sets as another easy kit to cut my teeth on. After doing a test piece (which featured in the last post) I built and painted the other six giving me seven useful barriers to use as field defences (pictures a bit further down).

On the ruined city project I toyed with the idea getting a printed gaming mat and using the lose terrain on top of the mat. However I couldn’t find a mat I liked, in the right size at the right cost. Looking around for other ideas I found that TT combat also make a 4×4 foot laser cut board made up of 16 1×1 foot boards that can be clipped together (see here ) at £35.00 I was sold. I now plan to build most of the terrain straight on to the boards with just a few extra bits of scatter terrain (like the above mention barriers)





This last photo is just a comparison shot with a GW plastic Aegis defence line the MDF ones are a bit smaller but could certainly be a good (and cheaper) alternative in my opinion.








Took a break from guardsmen to add another piece of scenery to my collection in this case a Wall of Martyrs bunkers to go with the defence emplacement I painted up last month. A lovely plastic kit. I ‘d be happy not to have the piles of dead bodies everywhere but I guess it helps reinforce the grim dark 40K look.








Field Defences II

A few pictures of another set of field defences this time the Wall of Martyrs – Imperial Defence Emplacement. I quite like the Games Workshop Wall of Martyrs plastic scenery it’s modular and allows pretty varied set ups when mixed with the other sets in the line. I like the design in general though I think they went a little over the top with the skulls, Dead bodies and old equipment around the bases which to be truthfully are a pain to paint and slowed down the paint job somewhat. I think I will pick up some more sets in this line though as time and money permits to give me more options on lay outs.




Field Defences

Just a quick post today. The weekend was pretty manic so the Arch heretic hasn’t been finished yet. but I thought I’d show some pictures of some field defences for my games that I finished a couple of weeks ago.  First up an Imperial Aegis defence line which has have been painted to try give the impression it has been left in place for some time.