Redroran Rangers full Army

So here it is in its full 1500pts glory my Ranger Imperial Guard army. It’s been a slog at times but I think now it’s finished it’s turned out pretty well and is in keeping with the theme I was trying to achieve.

So the beginning of May and that’s two useable armies finished which is not bad going I think. Next up is another army started some time back which also stalled this time we are going back to Chaos (sort of) with the Brotherhood of Spite….

In the mean time here are a few pictures of the finished ranger army.






Ranger Special Wepons Squad

Due to the nature of the missions Redroran Ranger units frequently lack heavy support, like battle tanks and artillery, so enemy strong points and armour have to be tackled the old fashioned way by infantry assault. To lead the way Ranger commanders often form small special weapon squads equipped with grenades, demo-charges and special weapons useful in bunker busting.

So here is the last unit in my Ranger army the special weapons squad of the command platoon. Same base models as the rest of the army with an Anvil Industry melta gun, and games workshop flamer, a scratch built demo charge and lots of bits box spares.





Skunk Bear CS armoured car

Skunk-Bear armoured cars are the main stay of Redroran Dragoon regiments. Armed with a standard Imperial auto-cannon the Skunk-Bear is able to engage both enemy infantry and light armour effectively. Battlefield experience however soon showed that the auto-cannon armed Skunk-Bears had problems when engaging heavy armour or swarms of  light infantry. Redroran authorities petitioned a number of Adeptus Mechanicus delegations to provide a solution. In the end a delegation from the Forge world Dingas III, known to specialise in missile technology, provided the solution. Equipping the standard Skunk-Bear with a set of twin missile launchers and advanced targeting systems.

The new weapons system allowed the operator to pick either fragmentation missiles against light targets or krak missiles for engaging heavy armour. The missile launcher was pre-loaded with both missile types and a simple switch allowed the operator to choose the correct missile for any given target . The new Skunk-Bear variant was designated Close Support or CS for short. Made in small numbers and attached as a special Close support troop  to each Dragoon squadron the Skunk Bear CS soon become a firm favorite with its crews. The Skunk-Bear CS squadron is rarely fielded on mass but attached in groups of one or two CS armoured cars to auto-cannon armed units.

So this is my second armoured car basically it is the same base model as my original Skunk-Bear Armoured Car. However I didn’t have another spare auto-cannon in my bits box so I used an old landspeeder Typhoon missile launchers I had lying about instead.








Ranger Squads

Right. Slogged my way through the last two Ranger squads. These two squads are the las-cannon armed squads for 1st and 2nd platoons. Not to much to say about them really. Miniatures are basically kit bashed from the same sources as my other ranger units.

There is light at the end of the tunnel for this army now just another armoured car and a special weapon squad, both started, to go for the 1500pts. I’m already looking to my next army (another one started some time ago but that was never finished) who will be opponents for the Redroran Rangers I won’t say to much but as a hint black and white will be heavily used and a Dreadaxe might be involved.

1st platoon squad



2nd platoon squad



Ranger’s Mortar Squad

Redroran ranger regiments  are perfectly capable of operating as regular line infantry when necessary but most Imperial commanders recognise the fact that their skill set is best employed elsewhere. Infiltrating enemy lines to perform raids or capture vital objectives prior to a ground offensive. Being left behind during enemy offensive to wreck havoc on enemy rear areas or holding defensive positions in particularly difficult terrain.

All of these missions require ranger units to be self sufficient not being able to rely on the usual artillery and armour support of regular Imperial guard formations. For this reason mortars are a popular and vital part of Ranger regiments every company has one or two mortar squads attached to the command platoon. Being light and man portable mortars allow the rangers to bring artillery support with them even far behind enemy lines or difficult terrain.

So the mortars are painted. the usual suspects are used for the crew figures with the addition of some arms from the excellent Victoria miniatures heavy weapons arm set.  The mortars are the standard games workshop imperial guard models.

I’m off on holiday with the family for a week so their won’t be any updates for a while. When I’m back there are two more ranger squads, a  special weapons squad and another Skunk bears armoured car to paint (all are primed and ready to go) to finish this army.







Storm Troopers

Every Rangers regiment has a platoon of storm troopers attached to the regimental HQ. Equipped with better armour and using MK2 Tegean patteren hellguns these highly trained squads rarely fight as a full platoon but are used to perform dangerous missions or bolster regular ranger companies. Tegean pattern hellguns forgo the backpack mounted battery of most hellguns for a larger magazine battery, are short and handy and have a full auto mode making them very popular for close quarters work.

So here is my Storm trooper squad based on Anvil industry Afterlife miniatures I’ve added a anvil industry flame unit and GW las-gun barrels to the guns. I also did head swaps using spare heads from the Defiance games USMC miniatures or Crooked dice miniatures beret heads. I think they turned out quite nice but these guys are noticeably smaller than the other miniatures in my army.






Ranger Platoon Command Squads

Having finished the company command squad I have now completed the two platoon command squads for my rangers. Not a lot new here really same base miniatures (the now defunct Defiance games USMC) with various anvil industry and Games Workshop heads, weapons and bits. I should point out the bases which are resin and purchased off ebay and are the first time I’ve really used custom bases I like them but getting figures to stand naturally on bases with so much external relief can be a challenge.

Command squad 1st Platoon




Command squad 2nd Platoon