The Diablos Crusade – A history

The Diablos sub-sector  is located in the Segmentum Tempestus bordering the Garon Nebula. The sub-sector consists of three Binary star systems numbering thirty one plants between them.

These star systems were uncovered right at the end of the emperor’s great crusade being pacified by space marines from the Night Lords and Spacewolf legions. However the  Imperium had little time to administrate it’s new territories before the Horus Heresy broke out  and the Diablos sub sector broke into open rebellion. It was a full twenty years after Horus had died before imperial loyalists returned to conquer the area again.

A pattern was set however and the Diablos sub-sector became renowned for it’s independent and rebellious nature. Several times in the Imperium’s history have plants or binary star systems rebelled against the Imperium by far the worst rebellion accord in 990M41.

The Imperium’s  defence were heavily stretched and the invasion of Rynn’s world the year before had caused problems across the  Segmentum Tempestus as well as food shortages that the loss of a major agri-world caused the Imperium increased tithes of both men and materials to support their war efforts. The Diablos sub-sector was hit hard for extra resources and as the planetary governors attempted to collect these extra tithes they sparked open rebellion which soon spread across the sub-sector.

While the knock on effect from the invasion of Rynn’s world may have been the spark that lit the fire it quickly became obvious to the imperium that the rebellion had been planned as was being led by those with an allegiance to the ruinous powers. At first the Imperium didn’t have the resources to deal with the rebellion and loyalists in the sub-system where left to put up the best resistance they could. However in 999M41 Cardinal Jorgen declared the Diablos Crusade and imperial forces started to muster at Ophelia IV.

Forces gathered for the crusade included nine Imperial guard divisions divided into three army corps plus a number of independent specialist regiments.  Adeptus mechanicus forces including the Steel Eagles titan legion, three knight households and several skitarii regiments. The Ecclesiarchy provided Preachers, confessors and missionaries as well as the Adeptus Sororitas of the order of Our Martyred Lady. Given the nature of the enemy members of the inquisition were also included along with a contingent of grey nights. Intially there were no space marines although a number of small battle groups from the Dark angels and Doom eagles did become involved.

After six terran standard months and acked by a substantial navy fleet the crusade under the overall command of Marshall Lazar Koslov moved on the Diablos sub-sector to start the Diablos Crusade.



A New Blog


Hi and welcome to my new Blog which will record my efforts at modeling, painting and playing games in Warhammer 40,000 game universe. I’ve been a wargamer for 30 years and a 40K player since it was first released back in 1987. Although I have played many different wargames,  painted miniatures from lots of different companies and played games set in many different periods of history and genres over the years. Warhammer 40K has a way of pulling back time and again something about it’s Grimdark setting always seems to appeal.

As this is my first post I guess it’s worth me putting down a few points about me and how I hope this blog will develop so those that think they might be interested in my ramblings will get a clearer idea what they will get with this blog.

  • Firstly I’m mostly about the painting and modelling aspect of the hobby these days. Don’t expect to see to many long battle reports but hopefully there will be pictures of my models and ramblings about background ideas.
  • I don’t play many games these days. I have my own wargames room and  still play solo games or the occasional games with my son. I’m just not a prolific game every week type of guy these days.
  • When I do play I’m still using the 5th edition of 40K I love the rules and never saw the point in carrying on with the 3 year rules cycle of Games workshop.
  • My codex books are still mostly 3-4th edition ones with the odd 5th edition codex so some of my armies may look slightly different to those created with more up to date codex books.
  • I’m not a competition gamer I’m more about cool fluff and modelling opportunities. So my armies may well contain some non chapter approved stuff or things that are a bit pants rules wise.
  • I don’t have a massive hobby budget. It’s ok but the wife, children and bills come first where money in concerned.
  • I’m quite happy to proxy models and don’t feel restricted to use only Games workshop miniatures for my armies. There are two reasons for this. Firstly budget if I can get a nice alternative to Game workshop model cheaper else where I will happily do so. Secondly there are loads of really nice miniatures and models out there so why not use them?
  • I rate myself as a reasonable painter and modeller I’m no golden deamon winner but I can churn out a (well in my opinion) decent looking miniature. I’m not particularly set on any one painting style and have used most in my time freely mixing inks, layering and dry brushing and white and black undercoats depending on what I think will work best.
  • My painting style is pretty old school no air brushing, non metallic metals or on source lighting that have become so popular on the 40K scene these days. There is nothing wrong with these styles and I can appreciate the skill and effect they achieve when well done they’re just not my cup of tea.
  • I hope to create a number of 1500 point armies based on an Imperial crusade to recapture the Diablos sub -sector (hence the blog title). I want to really capture the feel of human on human conflict in the 40K universe so the two main sides will be rebels and heretics (mostly chaos inspired) and the forces of the imperium. I ‘m hoping to keep space marines, both loyal and chaos, and xenos to a minimum but no doubt small numbers of them will pop up.
  • The big stuff that has become popular in 40K these days will also be kept to a minimum. Firstly while they look very cool things like baneblades and titans, in my experience, rather destroy the fun of a 40K games which is supposed to represent a platoon/company level of action the big stuff worked much better in the epic games system. Secondly my budget doesn’t stretch to cost of such models. That’s not to say I might no do the odd model but don’t expect to see many pictures of Knights and shadowswords on this blog
Well I think that’s probably enough for an introduction and i’ll start posting some far more interesting stuff very soon.
Regards Jon