Building a Battlefield 13

Right two more tiles finished so only five tiles left to complete the board. I scored a sweet deal on a big load of MDF ruins on ebay that would have cost me a lot more than the £30 post free that I got them for if I bought them retail. When they arrive in the post I’ll have enough to push on and complete my city board. For now though I have two more tiles to share.

First up a ruined gothic building from TTcombat that I’ve imagined as a ruin of some sort of government administration building. I built the building as standard and added some rubble ramps. I had some walls also from TTcombat which I used to give a compound feel and then added a load of rubble using my paint/PVA/grit mix.

WP_20170308_20_13_02_Rich_LI 1.jpgWP_20170308_20_13_59_Rich_LI.jpgWP_20170308_20_14_41_Rich_LI.jpgWP_20170308_20_14_12_Rich_LI.jpg


Next up is an imperial shrine made from a TTcombat Imperial outpost building. I added one of those cool GW space marine statues that I got cheap of ebay and some planters made from dolls house pieces with various model foliage. The Icon wall was from TTcombat with some plastic GW bits and the two benches were from Blotz. a sprinkling of rubble and it was done.






Building a Battlefield 12

So progress has resumed on my city fight gaming board. I have completed another road tile, created some rubble pile barricades and have been going back to some of my old tiles to add more detailing (make shift ladders, street furniture, air ducts and so on)

So here is my latest street tile same as all the rest really other than the adding of a ruined bus shelter provided by a company called Blotz




Also from Blotz I bought some street benches and ladders here is one of the benches


Here are the rubble barricades built from polystyrene, scrap balsa and various items from my bits box  on 6″wide MDF bases which fit nicely in between the roads.



Building a Battlefield 11

Another road tile completed I’ve dubbed this one the “Street of Heroes”. I wanted something with a bit more of a 40K feel on my city fight board. So I picked up a job lot of the old 2nd edition mono-pose Space Marine models for a couple of quid on eBay to turn into statues. I built the plinths from various left over slotta-bases to mount the statues on. Other than that the road tile is built the same way as my other roads. I like the way this turned out and I’m now thinking about another tile with a much bigger statue.





Building a Battlefield 9

OK just a short post tonight. With six tiles now finished I thought I’d post a couple of photos of the six tiles together to give a feel of how this project is going. Mean while I have another couple of tiles close to finished. Things might slow down a bit after that as I need a few more MDF building and such like for the second set of eight tiles but January’s hobby budget (not to mention my Christmas money) is well and truly spent.










Building a Battlefield 8

The first three straight road tiles are finished. they are simply made with 3″ cork pavements either side of a 6″ wide road. The street lights are from TTcombat in MDF and the crashed truck is resin found on ebay. Not a lot to these tiles so they look a bit sparse I may go back and add some more random clutter at a later date (either straight on to the tiles or as stand alone scatter scenery) but for now they are done and usable.






Building a Battlefield 6

So as promised the second  of my finished tiles for my modular city fight board this time a   ruined building in my head I have it down as a ruined hab-apartment.

Basically it is a TTcombat MDF ruined building on a 1×1 foot MDF tile with some 3mm cork pavements to match the road tiles. the rubble is a mix of sand, PVA, cork pieces,  railway ballast and grey paint mixed into a gloop and liberally plastered on.