Arch Heretic of the 888th

Finally got my Arch Heretic HQ painted up for my traitor 888th. As mentioned in previous posts I wasn’t happy with my first attempt at modeling an arch heretic so this is my second attempt. He towers over the footsloggers in the army but I think that is pretty acceptable for someone who has the blessing of the dark gods.

With the Heretic finished the 888th army is finished at 1000pts for now. I have plans to go back an add another 500pts at some stage but first I want to finish off some other half started projects.







Arch Heretic WIP

Just a quick one today I managed to start on converting up a new Arch Heretic model to lead my 888th army. I am trying to achieve a fantasy chaos warrior in space look. As I said in the previous post the Arch heretics in the army list are assumed to be Chaos Marines but I prefer the idea of normal humans who’s power has been enhanced by the Chaos gods much like the chaos champions in Warhammer fantasy.

The base model is an Champion of Khorne minus his head and arm I  found on ebay for a couple of pounds. The head was a spare from the Dreamforge Valkir (more of these guys coming up in a latter blog post) which had the German helmet mask combination I was looking for (also I’d run out of MaxMini heads and was to cheap to buy another 10 for one head). The sword was from the Chaos lord in the Dark Vengeance 40k starter set. I finished up with a chaos marine loin cloth and a few chaos spikes. Quite like how he  turned out hopefully he will get a lick of paint this weekend.


888th the Full Army

I have taken a few photos of the whole 888th army as it stands and thought I’d share. I do plan to up them to 1500pts in the future (I already have a another tank for example). One of the joys of the Lost and the Damned army list is the variety from a mutant horde to disciplined traitor guard and I want to try several different styles made from this one list. For 888th though it’s very much a traitor guard vibe I want so I’ll leave the chaos spawn and mutants for another army  and add more guard style units….I’m just not sure what those will be yet.

My army is led by an Arch Heretic and there is one hiding in the pictures below but I started on a new miniature for my Arch Heretic tonight. I wanted something a little more imposing than my first attempt. Although in the army lists Arch Heretics are general assumed to be chaos space marines I prefer to think of them as normal humans with gifts from the gods of chaos much like chaos warriors in Warhammer fantasy battle (Age of Sigmar doesn’t exist as far as I’m concerned 😉 so I’m building my new Arch Heretic with that in mind.

Anyway on to the pictures




888th Tank Hunters

On their home world the men of the 888th were warriors and hunters. Working in small tight knit groups they would sneak close to the to giant fauna of their home world before striking with primitive spears and bows.

They may not be on their home planet anymore and their spears are now las-guns but the skills these men learnt when hunting are now put to good use hunting enemy tanks. Equipped with melta-guns, powerfists and krak grenades these men infiltrate the enemy lines and lay in wait for their pray.

More Ramshackle games Iron brotherhood with some chaos marine bits to add the melta-gun and power fist.



888th Daemonic support

When the 888th turned to chaos and Khorne they were gifted with knowledge of the old ways including the summoning of daemons. Drawn to the bloodshed caused by the 888th’s battles bloodletters are often summoned to battle. The 888th leaders see the daemons as an expendable force sending them in the heart of the enemy lines to do as much damage as possible before they fade back to the warp.

These models were a cheap ebay bargain. Already made by the seller they looked ok in the grainy photo. When they turned up in the post they were a disappointment dodgy poses, poorly stuck together and missing the spikey spines that stick into the back. So I did my best to rescue them with some green stuff and fixing up damage as best I could. In the end I don’t think they look to bad, not great, but ok considering how little I paid for them.




888th Fast Attack -Traitors and APC

Next up for the 888th is their fast attack option a squad of infantry in a Cambion APC (counts as a chimera APC in the rules). These guys are a mobile reserve in defence or a fast moving spearhead in attack utilising flamers both in the squad and mounted on the APC. The squad also carries a chaos icon in hope of summoning daemonic aid where it is most needed during battle.

Like their armour the 888th lost most of their Chimera APCs and were re-equipped from the Daemon forges of Miconis IV with Cambion APCs. The Cambion APC is, unlike the Chimera, a wheeled vehicle giving it better speeds on roads or good terrain but giving it poorer cross country performance compared to the Chimera.

The infantry squad is made up from more Ramshackle Iron Brotherhood miniatures with MaxMini heads and a few Games workshop bits from my bits box. The Cambion APC is actually Ramshackle games Rhebok transport vehicle with a few added Games workshop bits for flavour. Painting wise it received the same army painter Pure red primer as the tank.





888th Traitor Squads

So here some pictures of my three basic traitor squads for my 888th army all follow the basic autocannon team and heavy stubber combo.

The miniatures themselves are Ramshackle games Iron Brotherhood, with Games workshop plastic lasgun barrels attached to their guns, heads provided from the MaxMini range and a few other bits from the bits box.

The bases came about because the Ramshackle miniatures are resin with chunky bases. On a normal slotta bases they looked pretty silly and I didn’t fancy cutting and sanding so much resin. So I bought some 25mmm laser cut MDF bases which are very thin built up urban ruin style bases with spare plastic sprue and some resin bricks I had. Add plenty of sand and the big chunky resin bases were reasonably well disguised.

Paint job is two tone red armour and clothes with simple weathering on the armour. I’m pretty pleased how they came out.

Squad 1 WP_20160123_14_26_11_Pro.jpg


Squad 2



Squad 3