State of Play

The blog has gone a bit quiet recently so I thought I’d add a quick up date, one of those real life is getting in the way ones.

Spring has arrived and as I’d promised the good lady wife I got stuck into the garden removing the old “death trap” decking and laying some nice paving slabs and gravel adding new plants the works. Which has pretty much eaten up the spare time recently. Top that with the old desk top deciding to go blue screen of death (all replaced with nice spanking new now which I’m typing this on right now)  has rather curtailed both hobby and blog time (not that I’m exactly prolific at the best of times).

My city board project took a bit of a blow after my bargain MDF haul (the one I got for much less than half the £70.00 retail price and free posting) never arrived in the post the vendor seemed rather to quick to refund my money almost like he didn’t expect it to turn up….mmmmm. So I’m still searching for a few more budget MDF ruins to finish the project off.

I decided to have a big clear out of my wargames room to. Its not the biggest space and I have way to many unfinished projects, unused games and rulebooks that will never be played so I have a guy coming out to look over my unwanted collection and hopefully take it off my hands for some cold hard cash that can go towards giving my wargames room a face lift later in the year and fund the projects I really want to do.

I have managed to paint 20 mutants for my Brotherhood of Spite army (pictures soon I hope) and on top of that I’ve been trying out a few test conversions/paint jobs for more army ideas I have running around in my head. I always like to post a picture or two with every post so here are a couple of shots of some test Sisters of Battle converted from Dreamforge miniatures with different heads and GW bolters I’m liking the way they’ve turned out so expect more of them at some stage this year.

WP_20170503_16_21_41_ProWP_20170503_16_21_47_ProWP_20170503_16_22_18_Pro (2)


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