Brotherhood of Spite Elites 1

another unit for my Brotherhood army this time big mutants. The rulers of  Kegreon III imported large numbers of Ogryns to supplement their mutant slave workforce the Ogryns size and strength made them ideally suited to the heavy but simple work they were employed for. When the rebellion broke many of the Ogryns side with their “little brothers” among the mutant slaves. It didn’t take long for the effects of Chaos to be felt among the Ogryn rebels creating what imperial soldiers termed ” Big FRAKING mutants”.

The Brotherhood used the big mutants as elite shock troops armed with crude close combat weapons their toughness, strength and shear stupidity allowed them to overwhelm many any imperial strong point. This is one such group lead by their “Big” boss Nark who is well on his way into becoming a full fledged chaos spawn.

WP_20170322_19_56_17_ProWP_20170322_19_56_59_ProWP_20160502_14_04_07_ProWP_20160502_14_03_47_ProWP_20160502_14_03_18_ProWP_20160502_14_03_37_ProWP_20160502_14_03_10_ProWP_20160502_14_02_57_ProThe miniatures themselves are plastic WFB ogres with mostly spare chaos spawn bits and a few extras from my bits box. Nark the boss is one of the mutants I had left over from the warshrine kit I used on my defiler with some extra chaos spawn bits and an ogre sword.


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