Brotherhood of Spite Elites 1

another unit for my Brotherhood army this time big mutants. The rulers of  Kegreon III imported large numbers of Ogryns to supplement their mutant slave workforce the Ogryns size and strength made them ideally suited to the heavy but simple work they were employed for. When the rebellion broke many of the Ogryns side with their “little brothers” among the mutant slaves. It didn’t take long for the effects of Chaos to be felt among the Ogryn rebels creating what imperial soldiers termed ” Big FRAKING mutants”.

The Brotherhood used the big mutants as elite shock troops armed with crude close combat weapons their toughness, strength and shear stupidity allowed them to overwhelm many any imperial strong point. This is one such group lead by their “Big” boss Nark who is well on his way into becoming a full fledged chaos spawn.

WP_20170322_19_56_17_ProWP_20170322_19_56_59_ProWP_20160502_14_04_07_ProWP_20160502_14_03_47_ProWP_20160502_14_03_18_ProWP_20160502_14_03_37_ProWP_20160502_14_03_10_ProWP_20160502_14_02_57_ProThe miniatures themselves are plastic WFB ogres with mostly spare chaos spawn bits and a few extras from my bits box. Nark the boss is one of the mutants I had left over from the warshrine kit I used on my defiler with some extra chaos spawn bits and an ogre sword.


Brotherhood of Spite Heavy Support 3

So for the last heavy support choice for the Brotherhood I wanted some fire power but I didn’t really want to go down the captured imperial vehicle route. The army list allows for a Defiler but I was never crazy keen on the models. I had a crazy idea when I saw the WFB chaos war shrine model,  which I really liked the idea of having in my army but I couldn’t see a good proxy fit for in the army list, and decided to combine the War shrine and Defiler models together.

I loved the idea of the brotherhood cultists having a mobile daemonic shrine to Malal marching alongside them to war. In game terms it just counts as a Defiler and from a practical point of view gives the army some long ranged hitting power. Anyway this what I ended up with was this…



Brotherhood of Spite HQ Choice

I haven’t quite made my mind up on my HQ choice for the Brotherhood either its the Daemon Prince Caleb. WP_20170327_18_58_53_ProWP_20170327_19_00_08_ProWP_20170327_19_00_25_ProWP_20170327_18_59_52_ProWP_20170327_18_59_34_Pro

Caleb is converted from an old 1980s Bloodthirster body and various  plastic chaos spawn bits. Alternatively I could go with the Arch Heretic Belac Kaard a champion from the Sons of Malice chapter wielding his daemonic Dread Axe


Brotherhood of Spite Heavy Support 1

Like a lot of the armies in this project my Brotherhood of Spite army has been a stop start project stretching over a couple of years (one of the reasons I started this blog was to try and force me to finish stuff) as a result I have some miniatures that are finished, some half finished and some nothing more than un-glued metal and plastic.

In the case of this army I painted all the fun heavy support first so I’ll share that today. One of the things I wanted with this army was a different take on the chaos army theme less traitor guardsmen and spiky Leman Russ tanks and more gribbly beasts and mutants.

So first up a Giant Spined Chaos Beast the original model from forge World can be seen here (Chaos beast) and the rules I have in found in one of the 4th edition imperial armour books. My version is actually  from Mierce Miniatures and can be seen here (Tarask). I’ve changed the triceratops like bony plate on the front of the model with a single bighorn and painted it in Malal colours of white and black. I realise I should have added a normal man sized miniature to the photos for scale but this is a big model its on a 120mm circler base. More heavy support in the form of chaos spawn up next


Brotherhood of Spite First Cultist Squad

So here is my first cultist squad for my new army. They are converted from GW Warhammer fantasy battle flagellants (a great set with lots of use) with green stuff hoods and weapons sourced from my bits box. I’ll be using the Lost and the Damned list from 3rd edition 40K black crusade supplement so these guys will count as traitors and be lead by a space marine chaos champion.