Task Force Retribution – Pictures

So as promised a few photos of my 1000pts Dark Angels army to fight across my city fight board. All these figures were bought second hand and some were already painted the first time I painted this army I was experimenting with Army Painter dip … to be honest it didn’t go to well. As a result they got chucked in a box and buried in the lead pile. When I decided to re-vamp them I took off their old bases and gave them new ones with I built up with cork and course grit to look suitably city fight. Painting wise I added highlights and touched up some of the base coats. The result is not the best painted army you’ll every see but is, in my opinion, serviceable enough for the table top.










Task Force Retribution – Army List

As promised here is the army list for my Dark Angels using the 4th edition 40K codex (my favoured version of the game). This army is a 1000pts and literally built around the Dark Angels from the Dark Vengeance box (cheap eBay bundle) set plus a battle squad and Razor back I picked up from a show bring and buy for a few quid (you may notice I’m a tight arse who hardly ever pays GW going prices or buys new). As such it really is optimised for city fighting and is just whatever I had to hand It’s still a space marine force though so in 40K terms will always put up a half decent show.


Company Master Gabe

Power sword/ Bolter-plasma combi weapon/ Frag and Krak/ Bolt pistol


Librarian Tobias

Force sword/ Bolt pistol/ Frag and Krak/ Psychic hood



Deathwing Terminator Squad Relentless ( sergeant+4 terminators)

Assault cannon(1)/ chainfist (1)/ Power sword (1)/ Power fists/ Strom bolters



Tactical squad Mortis (sergeant + 9 marines)

Bolters/ Bolt pistol/ Frag and Krak/ Plasma gun (1)/ Plasma cannon (1)


Tactical squad Funus (sergeant+4 marines) and Razorback (twin linked heavy bolters)

Bolters/ Frag and Krak/ Bolt pistols/ Plasma gun (1)/ Plasma pistol and chainsword (1)

120pts + 50pts

Fast Attack

Ravenwing  Attack squadron Alae Nigrae (sergeant + 2 marines)

Bikes with twin bolters/ Plasma gun (1)/ bolt pistols/ Melta bombs (1)/ Frag and Krak/

140 pts

Total 1000 points

As I said not the greatest army every designed but it serves a purpose and allowed me to re-vamp an old army for no money. I don’t plan to expanded this army any time soon but adding another 500pts shouldn’t be to difficult if I change my mind. If I do expand the Raven wing squadron will most certainly get beefed up as three bikers looks horribly vulnerable.

Next up hopefully a few photos of the army in the mean time here is a group shot







Task Force Retribution – The Dark Angels Join the Crusade

The Imperial forces of the Diablo Crusade where varied and drawn from a number of different Imperial institutions the Imperial Guard  formed the major share but the Ecclesiarchy where the driving force behind the crusade and added its considerable might to the crusader army. Delegations sent to several forge worlds of the Adeptus Mechanicus also bore fruit bring in forces from the Titan Legions and their attending Skitarri. One noticeable absence from the crusade was the presence of the mighty Space Marines. Several chapters had been petitioned to provide support but for reasons known only to their chapter masters little support had actually materialised. Apart from a company sized battle group from the Doom Eagles chapter and a task force from the Golden Halos chapter the only other space marines in the crusade were a small contingent of Grey Knights.

The Crusade proceeded despite the lack of space marine support however as the Crusade fleet reached the outskirts of the Diablo sub-sector they found a fleet from the Dark Angels waiting for them. The Dark Angels commander Master  Gabe  informed the crusader forces that his task force was available to support the them but would remain outside the Crusade’s command structure and follow their own path.

Task Force Retribution, as the Dark Angels had named their battle group, was a powerful force built around the chapters third company and supported by elements from the Deathwing (3 terminator squads), The Ravenwing (2 Ravenwing battle squadrons) and elements from the scout company ( 4 squads) as well as extra armoured vehicles from the chapter arsenal. Deployed by the Chapter Master with orders to support the crusade Task Force Retributions really task was the bring to justice a number of the fallen alleged to be operating among the rebels of the Diablo sub-sector.

Ok that’s the background. The main reason I’ve suddenly popped up with a Dark Angels army is purely that I wanted a second army for my new city fight board. My 888th traitor army already have city fight board basing so they were always going to be one army I planned to use on my new board. Initially I had planned to create another  loyalist guard style army to be the second army (most likely the city fight veterans army list from the 2004 compendium) this might still happen but right now my hobby funds just won’t cover it. So a bit deflated I was searching around for another option when I found a small Dark Angels army languishing in a box. They were in a bit of a state, having been used to experiment with Army painter dip, so I set about tarting up the paint jobs and rebasing for  city fight terrain. As it happens may lack of funds (Dads 70th birthday, mums birthday and a nieces 18th birthday all in February pretty much wiped out any sort of hobby funds this month) has slowed my work on my city fight board so the Dark Angels have given me something to work on a keep up my enthusiasm going for minimal cash outlay.

I’ll post up an army list for use with my chosen edition of 40K soon and then hopefully some pictures.








Building a Battlefield 11

Another road tile completed I’ve dubbed this one the “Street of Heroes”. I wanted something with a bit more of a 40K feel on my city fight board. So I picked up a job lot of the old 2nd edition mono-pose Space Marine models for a couple of quid on eBay to turn into statues. I built the plinths from various left over slotta-bases to mount the statues on. Other than that the road tile is built the same way as my other roads. I like the way this turned out and I’m now thinking about another tile with a much bigger statue.





Building a Battlefield 10

OK things have slowed down a bit in the last couple of weeks but I have finished another tile for my city fight board. Another ruined building maybe some sort of office block. This is another laser cut MDF building this time bought of eBay. I added some large buttresses from polystyrene to the building front to make the building look a bit more imposing.



wp_20170123_19_55_18_pro wp_20170123_19_55_29_pro