Building a Battlefield 9

OK just a short post tonight. With six tiles now finished I thought I’d post a couple of photos of the six tiles together to give a feel of how this project is going. Mean while I have another couple of tiles close to finished. Things might slow down a bit after that as I need a few more MDF building and such like for the second set of eight tiles but January’s hobby budget (not to mention my Christmas money) is well and truly spent.











Building a Battlefield 8

The first three straight road tiles are finished. they are simply made with 3″ cork pavements either side of a 6″ wide road. The street lights are from TTcombat in MDF and the crashed truck is resin found on ebay. Not a lot to these tiles so they look a bit sparse I may go back and add some more random clutter at a later date (either straight on to the tiles or as stand alone scatter scenery) but for now they are done and usable.






Building a Battlefield 6

So as promised the second  of my finished tiles for my modular city fight board this time a   ruined building in my head I have it down as a ruined hab-apartment.

Basically it is a TTcombat MDF ruined building on a 1×1 foot MDF tile with some 3mm cork pavements to match the road tiles. the rubble is a mix of sand, PVA, cork pieces,  railway ballast and grey paint mixed into a gloop and liberally plastered on.







Building a Battlefield 5

How much rubble?  Is the question I’ve been asking myself the last few days as I start to finish of my first two ruined buildings. Looking at pictures of real city fights during ww2 I’m struck by just how much rubble there is so I’m now struggling over that eternal war gamer’s argument between realism and playability. My city fight board needs enough space and flat spots to actual place and move miniatures but enough rubble/damage to make it feel in my mind that looks like a worn torn Imperial city



I think I’m striking the right balance (hopefully some pictures of my first finished ruined building will be up soon) but in the mean time I’ve been working on some furniture to populate the ruins. I don’t want to overdo the furniture but I thought one or two pieces in a ruined building might look quite good. These bits are from Black Cat Bases (I should add that Black Cat have had some issues over the last couple of years but I got this stuff within three days of ordering and there are similar stories on the net so it seems Black Cat have got their act together).






Now these pieces are painted I will just add them to my ruins as little pieces of scatter to add a little bit of interest and colour to what are very grey ruins.

Building a Battlefield 4

So a quick update on my first finished tile. I decided to have a cross roads on my board so I need to use seven of my sixteen 1×1 foot tiles as roads. I bought some roughly 1x1ft cork tiles and cut them to create sidewalks and I plan to add various scatter terrain to make the roads a little less flat. So here is the first one the actual crossroads.





One last WIP photo showing my work on the first eight tiles




Building a Battlefield 3

So after waiting for patiently for the postman my extra goodies were delivered yesterday. I really like the look of the TT Combat 4X4 board and took the opportunity last night to assemble a couple of the 1×1 tiles. The tiles are simplicity themselves to construct. The supplied clips were slightly more fiddly until I figured out how they worked.

So here are a couple of the boards constructed. Interestingly they are all overlaid with a square grid (second photo) it’s not something I need for this project but could come in handy for same gamers so its a nice touch I think. Thanks to the design the boards are strong but surprisingly light (perhaps not once I’ve built the scenery up on them). The fourth picture shows the clips provided its a clever idea and should stop the individual tiles moving during the game while still allowing me to change the tile configuration. The last picture is just me trying a few of my new MDF ruins out for size they are very much still in the WIP stage

All in all I’m really impressed with this product so far and I’m getting quiet excited to see what I can do with it.