Governor Cletus and Retinue

So this isn’t an army or even a combat unit but I took part in the Return to Colony 87 Kick Starter a while back and got a few of the miniatures to make a planetary governor and his entourage. I’ve dubbed him Governor Cletus Zwart of Granicus V.

Cletus’s retinue consists of his beautiful second wife (after the first mysteriously died) Roxanne. His chamberlain the fiercely loyal  Bagaos. Sister Seline of the Ordo Famulous of the Adepta Sororitas . The young courtesan Apelles with his pet Gunjen Spike who spends his time trying to look manly and fashionable for the lady Roxanne. The Xenos ambassador Lord Tequila who is trying to broker a trade agreement between the Slann of a nearby system. Guarding the whole group are a couple of the Governor’s Guard wearing the latest fashionable but impractical uniform the governor has devised.










most of the miniatures are Colony 87 miniatures. the guards are based on wargames factory great coat troopers with various GW bits from my bitz box. the courtesan is an old GW brat ganger with a D&D pre-paint hunting drake as a pet and some wargames factory greatcoat trooper arms.


Quiet in the Void

OK so it might have come to someone’s notice that this little blog pretty much just stopped a few months back. Sadly my mother in law passed away, shortly after my last post, after a short, but valiant, fight against cancer. Not surprisingly my priorities changed to supporting my wife and our children through a very difficult time in our family life.

At first with all the inevitable stuff that comes with someone passing away there just wasn’t time for anything and by the time things settled down I found I just didn’t have the energy or enthusiasm for my hobby. It’s taken me quite a while to get back into my hobby and my first forays with a paint brush were just random models.

The last couple of weeks I’ve found my self being drawn back into this project and have painted a few miniatures so hopefully there will be a few new blog posts with something worth looking at coming soon.