Redroran Rangers full Army

So here it is in its full 1500pts glory my Ranger Imperial Guard army. It’s been a slog at times but I think now it’s finished it’s turned out pretty well and is in keeping with the theme I was trying to achieve.

So the beginning of May and that’s two useable armies finished which is not bad going I think. Next up is another army started some time back which also stalled this time we are going back to Chaos (sort of) with the Brotherhood of Spite….

In the mean time here are a few pictures of the finished ranger army.






Ranger Special Wepons Squad

Due to the nature of the missions Redroran Ranger units frequently lack heavy support, like battle tanks and artillery, so enemy strong points and armour have to be tackled the old fashioned way by infantry assault. To lead the way Ranger commanders often form small special weapon squads equipped with grenades, demo-charges and special weapons useful in bunker busting.

So here is the last unit in my Ranger army the special weapons squad of the command platoon. Same base models as the rest of the army with an Anvil Industry melta gun, and games workshop flamer, a scratch built demo charge and lots of bits box spares.