1500pts Redroran Rangers army list

Ok so I’ve been working on my army list for my next army this time Imperial Guard. I will be using the second version of the 3rd edition codex (the one with regimental doctrines) which, from a modellers/background type of guy that I am, is my personal favorite. Being able to make the different guard regiments subtly different from each other to encompass the vast number of cultures that make up the guard is fun and better than just using different models who all fight the same in my opinion.

So my first guard regiment is the Redroran Rangers. I wanted these guys to be elite light infantry like royal marine commandos or U.S. Rangers to use a present day examples. I posted the background for these guys in the last post and their doctrines are based on that so we have

  • 1  Light infantry doctrine – this allows them to infiltrate and move quickly through difficult terrain which seems right given the background.
  • 2 Sharp shooters – again this seemed appropriate for men growing up on a frontier world were hunting is a big part of life.
  • 3 Die-hards – I wanted these guys to be to stubborn to rout, even when things are bad, based on their background as tough independent frontiers men.
  • 4 Special weapon squads – I took this for the sniper option but the idea that lacking a lot of heavy support these guys improvise elite weapons squads appealed to me.
  • 5 Storm troopers – I have this idea that each regiment contains a platoon of Storm trooper attached to the regimental HQ company for really tough missions.

The light infantry, sharp shooters and die-hards doctrines add a hefty extra 25 pts to every guard infantry unit in the army which soon mounts up. Added to my choice to use some homebrew armoured cars using the 3rd edition vehicle design rules (VDR) which always come in a bit over cost  means this army is a little smaller than some guard armies. Any way here is the list


Command platoon

Command Squad – Heroic senior officer, laspistol, powerfist and frag

Medic -laspistol and medi pack, frag

Vox caster – master vox, lasgun, frag

2 guardsmen   – plasma guns, frag


Mortar squad –  (no sharp shooters) 3 mortars


Special weapons squad – flamer, melta-gun, demo charge, lasguns, frag and krak


Special weapons squad – 3 sniper rifles, lasguns



Storm trooper squad – veteran sergeant and 5 troopers hellguns, infiltrate, 2 flamers, powersword, bolter



2 platoons (identical except were noted)

HQ squad – Junior officer -powerfist (c/combat weapon in 2nd platoon) , las-pistol, frag

Medic – las-pistol, medi-pack, frag

Vox caster – vox , las-gun, frag

2 Guardsmen – plama guns, frag

131pts  (111 pts second platoon)

1st squad – sergeant and 9 troopers -lasguns, missile launcher, grenade launcher, frag shotgun (for sergeant)


2nd squad – sergeant and 9 troopers – lasguns, las-cannon, plasma gun, frag and shotgun (for sergeant)

130 pts

Fast Attack

1 Skunk Bear armoured car

Auto -cannon, search light,

101 pts

1 Skunk Bear CS armoured car

Twin-linked missile launcher (frag + krak)


Total =  1498


The Redroran Rangers

Redrora is a planet on the eastern fringe of the Imperium. A world of vast forests, towering mountains, great lakes and rolling hill lands. Those who know about such things put Redrora’s great natural beauty and abundant wildlife down to the planet being an Eldar maiden world and ancient xenos ruins on the plant seem to back this theory up.

The governor of Redrora is, by the standards of the imperium, a rather forward looking individual who refuses to mercilessly exploit the great natural resources of his planet and instead has built the planets economy on exporting luxury woods and food items to the Imperium’s elite while harvesting the planets resources in a careful and sustainable way.

As a result the population of Redrora live mostly in small (no more than a couple of hundred individuals) frontier style communities. The people live by logging, mining and hunting growing up learning to survive in the wild and handle a long-las from an early age. This frontier life style makes Redrorans into excellent soldiers especially as light infantry able to work in the hardest terrain with minimal supplies or back up.

All Redroran males are expected to join their community militia and from there a draft is sent every year to join the planets PDF. The elite of Redrora’s PDF are the ranger regiments the very best Redrora has to offer as well as the best equipment the rangers are given additional training in grav chute jumps, unarmed combat and urban combat. There are 15 Ranger regiments in the Redororan PDF and these are used to fulfill the the Planets tithe to the Imperial guard. Once a regiment is sent off planet a new one, with the same number, is raised by the PDF.  Redrora’s terrain isn’t suited to heavy tanks and equipment so the PDF instead recives it’s armoured support from the dragoon regiments who operate a number of different light armoured cars and a small numbers of tank destroyers.

The 12th Redroran Ranger regiment was selected along with 11th and 13th ranger regiments plus the 2nd  Dragoons to form the tithe of 999M41. The Departmento Munitorum decided to send the ranger regiments to different warzones splitting the Dragoon regiment up and attaching two companies to each ranger regiment.

The 12th Rangers found themselves sent to Ophelia IV to join the Dabilo crusade. During the crusade the 12th rangers and the attached 2nd Dragoons formed part of the invasion force sent to Uskillion III to battle the Brotherhood of Spite.

Arch Heretic of the 888th

Finally got my Arch Heretic HQ painted up for my traitor 888th. As mentioned in previous posts I wasn’t happy with my first attempt at modeling an arch heretic so this is my second attempt. He towers over the footsloggers in the army but I think that is pretty acceptable for someone who has the blessing of the dark gods.

With the Heretic finished the 888th army is finished at 1000pts for now. I have plans to go back an add another 500pts at some stage but first I want to finish off some other half started projects.






Field Defences II

A few pictures of another set of field defences this time the Wall of Martyrs – Imperial Defence Emplacement. I quite like the Games Workshop Wall of Martyrs plastic scenery it’s modular and allows pretty varied set ups when mixed with the other sets in the line. I like the design in general though I think they went a little over the top with the skulls, Dead bodies and old equipment around the bases which to be truthfully are a pain to paint and slowed down the paint job somewhat. I think I will pick up some more sets in this line though as time and money permits to give me more options on lay outs.




Field Defences

Just a quick post today. The weekend was pretty manic so the Arch heretic hasn’t been finished yet. but I thought I’d show some pictures of some field defences for my games that I finished a couple of weeks ago.  First up an Imperial Aegis defence line which has have been painted to try give the impression it has been left in place for some time.






Arch Heretic WIP

Just a quick one today I managed to start on converting up a new Arch Heretic model to lead my 888th army. I am trying to achieve a fantasy chaos warrior in space look. As I said in the previous post the Arch heretics in the army list are assumed to be Chaos Marines but I prefer the idea of normal humans who’s power has been enhanced by the Chaos gods much like the chaos champions in Warhammer fantasy.

The base model is an Champion of Khorne minus his head and arm I  found on ebay for a couple of pounds. The head was a spare from the Dreamforge Valkir (more of these guys coming up in a latter blog post) which had the German helmet mask combination I was looking for (also I’d run out of MaxMini heads and was to cheap to buy another 10 for one head). The sword was from the Chaos lord in the Dark Vengeance 40k starter set. I finished up with a chaos marine loin cloth and a few chaos spikes. Quite like how he  turned out hopefully he will get a lick of paint this weekend.


888th the Full Army

I have taken a few photos of the whole 888th army as it stands and thought I’d share. I do plan to up them to 1500pts in the future (I already have a another tank for example). One of the joys of the Lost and the Damned army list is the variety from a mutant horde to disciplined traitor guard and I want to try several different styles made from this one list. For 888th though it’s very much a traitor guard vibe I want so I’ll leave the chaos spawn and mutants for another army  and add more guard style units….I’m just not sure what those will be yet.

My army is led by an Arch Heretic and there is one hiding in the pictures below but I started on a new miniature for my Arch Heretic tonight. I wanted something a little more imposing than my first attempt. Although in the army lists Arch Heretics are general assumed to be chaos space marines I prefer to think of them as normal humans with gifts from the gods of chaos much like chaos warriors in Warhammer fantasy battle (Age of Sigmar doesn’t exist as far as I’m concerned 😉 so I’m building my new Arch Heretic with that in mind.

Anyway on to the pictures