The Munda 13th Traitor Guard

The Munda 13th were unique among the PDF regiments of Munda III. Designated as a fortress regiment the 13th garrisoned strategic points across the planet including fortresses, the Starport and the planets Defence Laser and Defence missile batteries. Most Munda PDF regiments consisted of two battalions of five companies each of around 250 men and officers. The 13th instead consisted of around forty independent companies ranging from size from 50 to 1000 men depending on the garrison requirements of their post. In keeping with their role the 13th had few armoured vehicles and little organic transport but had access to more artillery and heavy weapons.

When the Faceless King was planning his rebellion he specifically targeted the 13th infiltrating and corrupting the regiments officer corps. When the rebellion started this not only gave the Faceless King control of the planets defence network but also several strategic fortresses. In addition he gained a large body of trained fighting men and heavy weaponry.

It was quite possible that in the early days of the rebellion many of the private soldiers in the regiment were unaware that they were the rebels and by the time they realised, their mistake, it’s was to late their souls already belonged to Chaos. In the later stages of the war the 13th embraced the Dark gods and revealed in their status as the Faceless King’s elite fighting force.

Equipment wise the 13th used exactly the same equipment as loyalist PDF units which resulted in some confused battles and numerous friendly fire incidents in the early days of the rebellion. To counter this units of the 13th took to wearing scraps of red cloth, as a field sign, latter they also often sported fetishes and symbols showing their allegiance to the dark gods.

So here we have a squad of Munda 13th set up for an assault role in the great trench battles that took place around the city of Munda Prime. A mix of Blackstone Fortress traitor guard and a couple of the more guardsmen looking old OOP chaos cultists plus some head and weapon swaps.


When the Faceless king launched his rebellion on the planet of Munda his army had three main elements. The first two elements were the Chaos cults, which varied in size and efficiency from a few dozen men with homemade weapons up to well trained and armed groups the size of a PDF regiment, and rebel PDF units most notably the 13th Munda regiment. The last part of his armed forces were the outcasts from the wild places of Munda outlaws, mutants and abhumans. Desperate, persecuted groups that were only to happy to throw in with the Faceless king and gain revenge on their imperial oppressors.

The Faceless king’s rebellion was years in the making and in that time he was able to bring these outcasts under his sway arm and train them turning them from poorly armed bushwhackers in to effective shock troops to throw into the fray.

Here we have some beastmen for my heretic Chaos army a mix of Blackstone Fortress and fantasy beastmen with conversions using spare fantasy beastmen arms and heads and Necromunda Goliath arms.

More Necrons

Just a quick update today to try and get me back in to the habit of posting regularly which I lost over Christmas break. Its not that I haven’t been doing some hobby related stuff I just haven’t been posting it up. So here are some not very exciting additions to my Necron force my first full unit of warriors, some scarabs and a second unit of Destroyers. I’ve just received a Crpytek and and some flayed ones in the post so this army is really starting to grow now.

The Last Charge

This is my first squad of Imperial Guard to ally with my Space Marines against the forces of chaos in the battle of Mundus Prime. Mundus prime is the capital, and last city still in loyalist hands, on the planet of Mundus III. The Mundus PDF have suffered heavy causalities and their depleted squads have been reformed with drafts of any citizen who can hold a gun. Surrounded and with nowhere to run imperial forces must fight on and hope relief comes..

Sergeant Klay tried to look calm tried to give the impression he was in control. Methodically he load a new magazine into his bolt pistol noting the small tremor in his hand as he did so. All around him was pandemonium, enemy artillery shells rained down, around his position, throwing up huge plumes of dirt and filling the air with dust and smoke. The instantly recognisable sound of a heavy bolter could be heard firing in the distance accompanied by the mournful cry of wounded soldiers. Above it all Klay could hear the crazed ravings of Samuel “Oh lord of mankind give us the strength to smite the heathens!”

Klay took a deep breath and steadied himself. Orders had just come through, on the Vox caster, the enemy had taken the forward trench line in front of Klay’s position and high command had order an immediate counter attack to regain the trench. “Emperor’s blood” Klay swore quietly to himself. “High command have lost the plot. If I had a full trained squad of PDF soldiers this task would be hard enough but with this..”

Klay turned and looked at his squad. They stared back at him looking bemused and frightened waiting for Klay to tell them what they should do. A couple of old men well north of fifty terran years, a young women, two miners from the south, Samuel the half crazed preacher clutching his supposed holy relic, a factory worker plus two PDF soldiers corporal Shen and private Glin. He hadn’t even had time to get to know them properly or remember their names. His new squad was three days old formed of surviving members of the PDF and any citizen that could hold a gun and stay upright.

Between them they had three regulation issue las-guns, a plasma gun, that Klay swore has seen service in the great crusade it was so old, some worn out autoguns and a couple of guns he didn’t even have a name for. Like the soldiers, under his command, Mundus Prime had had been scoured for any weapon that could be used in the cities defence.

Klay Cleared his throat “Fix…..” he stopped himself most of them didn’t have bayonets. “Alright the Heretic scum have taken the trench in front of us and we are going to take back before they get comfortable! Keep moving until I tell you to stop and if you see a traitor shoot him in face! Klay winked and grinned there was a ripple of laughter from the squad. Whistles could be heard blowing, along the trench, as squads assembled for the counter attack. Klay gave a curt nod and corporal Shen organised the squad by the trench ladders. The order came through the static of the vox caster. Klay clambered up the trench ladder “CHARGE!”

The Shadow King Awakens

I’ve been working on the background ideas for my Necron army and have come up with a little opening fluff piece to introduce my Necron Overlord. I should give a shout out to Iron Maiden, at this point, as Days of Future Past, a song on their new album, basically gave the me idea for my overlord. Its amazing what comes into your head, when you are painting in the hobby room, while rocking out to a bit of heavy metal. One quick disclaimer I suffer from Dyslexia it takes me a long time to write even a small fluff piece like this. I use spelling and grammar checkers and rope in family members to help me with stuff like this. Mistakes do get through so I apologize in advance if my mistakes ruin this for you. I have lots of stuff floating around in my head but getting down on paper is not always easy for me.

There was a knock at the chamber door Inquisitor Gallan, turned from his writing desk, and saw Acolyte Hereon at the door. “The seer has started to speak my lord.” “Very well Hereon gather the scribes and start recording everything she says. I will meet you in the holding cells shortly” Hereon bowed ” Yes my lord” before turning swiftly away.

Gallan laid down his writing scribe and carefully placed some blotting paper over the report he was writing once the sacred ink was dry he carefully closed the reports cover. Standing Gallan slipped on his sword belt and placed one of his grey cloaks over his shoulders. As he made his way down to the the ships holding cells Gallan mouthed a silent prayer to the God emperor for bring a tool like the seer to him.

He had discovered the young girl on a backward border planet. Almost right away it had been clear she had the wych sight and powers of prophecy. Gallan was convinced that the Emperor himself spoke through the girl. Her insights had help Gallan stop half a dozen xenos threats to the imperium saving countless lives in the process. Her acquisition had come at a great cost but one Gallan was willing to pay. The fact that Gallan had to kill a fellow inquisitor to save the girls life, from death by holy promethium, weighed on his conscience but he convinced himself the ends justified the means.

Gallan arrived at the holding cells unlike the others on the ship the seer’s cell was comfortable and well furnished. The seer was a valuable weapon, against the xenos threats to the Imperium, and Gallan always maintained that you looked after your weapons to get the best out of them. Acolyte Heron was there, along with numerous other members of Gallan’s staff. Several servitor scribes were already busy transcribing notes

The seer was sat cross legged. Her small delicate frame balanced on some cushions, her eyes closed, her dark hair damp and stuck to her perspiration covered face. She was silent seemingly far away. Gallan looked at Hereon “Has she said much?” “A few mumbled lines Lord nothing of note yet” Gallan wasn’t surprised these episodes, the seer had, could last mere minutes or go on for days.

The seer suddenly let out a long moan her eyes snapping open to revel her eyes glowing, pale blue with wych light. The seers whole body snapped taught, her back arched and she started to speak. The seers voice sounded odd instead of the lyrical voice of a young female, Gallan noted, her voice had become robotic and machine like.

“A war in heaven in gods rage
they put me in this metal cage
Holy fury locks me in
Imprisoned by my deadly sin

Every hour the shadow king
Wonders what his enemies will bring
I’ve lived and life I now abhor
My fatal quest forever more

The days of future past to wander in the void
A king without a queen to live for ever devoid

To wander in the wasteland
Immortal to the end
Waiting for the judgement
But the judgement never ends”

The Seer’s head snapped forward until she was starring right into Gallan’s eyes. Her breathing was hard her voice thin and stretched “The Shadow king he comes, he is darkness, he is death, he will end us all”

Primaris Hellblasters

The last unit for my space marines (for now at least) is some Hellblasters. Honestly I don’t think it gets much cooler than space marines totting plasma guns. This unit also gave me the chance to practice a bit of OSL. I know its not everyone’s cup of tea but all the cool kids, on 40K reddit, are doing it and I wanted to try and master the technique. For some reason, when I went through my plastic pile, I had eight of these miniatures which isn’t a codex number but I decided to paint them all anyway.


Another little test piece for my (hopefully) soon to be started chaos army. He was, in my head, supposed to be very Grimdark but he came out a lot brighter and cleaner than I had imagined when I started. I think the grey fur should have been black and the red cloth is to bright. Oh well live and learn. This another little gem of a miniature from the Blackstone Fortress game that I manged to source online.

Rogue Psyker

A bit of a change from space marines this is a test model as I try to nail down colours and a style for the Chaos army I want to build. I’m not planning a Chaos space marine army but rather an old school Lost and the Damned style army made up with cultists, mutants and traitors. This guy is one of a number of Blackstone fortress miniatures that fit that theme well and he was really fun to paint.

Captain Cato

This miniature is an Imperium magazine exclusive Primaris Captain. I actually have two one I got one as part of my subscription and an extra one I picked up at the local newsagents. As I had two I felt quite happy doing some conversion work on this one. I replaced his plasma pistol with a bolt pistol and gave him a head swap with a marine helmet I found in my bits box. As he was originally bareheaded the miniature had a helmet hanging from his belt which I had to cut off to over up the damage I added some grenade pouches.